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clement valles

I’m passionate about two things: solving problems, even sometimes before they exist, and making a difference with my visual and UI design.

I’m user-focused. I always try to create human and intuitive designs allowing the users to understand its value in just a few seconds. This is the power of design.

A bit more about who I am

Originally from France, I moved to Chicago in 2018 as a permanent resident. I wish to utilize my professional experiences as well as my passion for design, art, and new technologies in a dynamic and innovative career setting.

One of my defining qualities as a designer and a coder is my ability to take a step back from my work and to look at it through the eyes of the user. Throughout my many professional experiences, teamwork has always been one of my core values. I believe that together, as a team, nothing is impossible.

I have strong design experience in marketing, packaging, email, social media, UI, and User Experience design.

I use my passion for technology and my desire to learn, to always push my limits. I believe that design and apps are incredible and powerful connections between us.

My skills

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Sketch / Figma / Adobe XD
Zeplin / InVision
Adobe InDesign
Adobe After Effect & Premiere
MySQL / Mongo / Sequelize